The details of the various assignments that I have handled are listed here, in chronological order.
                                                                                                Current Projects

1.  & Its admin panel
Project Type: Financial calculation
                           Tools and Technology:VB.Net 4.0,Linq, Sql Server 2008,Ajax,jQuery,javascript
                                                  Team Size: 2
                                                 Duration: 4 Months
                                Role: Development
2. & Its admin panel
Project Type: Travel Site
Tools andTechnology:C#.Net 4.0,Linq, Ado.Net Entity Framework ,Sql Server 2008,Ajax,jQuery,javascript
                                                  Team Size: 2
                                                 Duration: 6 Months
                            Role: Developing Admin Panel

                           Tools and Technology: SILVERLIGHT 4.0,C#,WCF, ENTITY FRAMEWORK Sql Server 2008                                                                                                 Team Size: 1
Project Type: Product Catalog Site
                           Tools and Technology:C#.Net 2.0,C# , Sql Server 2008,Ajax, JavaScript
                                                  Team Size: 2
                                                 Duration: 2 months
                                Role: Team Lead  and Handle Database
Project Type: Travel Search Engine
Tools and Technology: C#.Net 4.0, Web Service, XML, Ajax, JavaScript
Team Size: 1
Duration:   1 Month
Role: Development
Project Type: Social Network Site
Tools and Technology: VB.Net 4.0, Linq, Sql Server 2008,Ajax,jQuery,javascript
Team Size:
Project Type: JOBSITE
                           Tools and Technology:C#.Net 4.0,C#,Ado.Net Entity Framework, Sql Server 2008,Ajax,jQuery,javascript
                                                  Team Size: 1
                                                 Duration: 2 months
                                Role: Team Lead and Handle Database

Completed Projects

1. HiTech ERP

Organization: The Keshri Software Solutions.
Client: HiTech Solutions and Service Pvt.Ltd, Nepal.
Duration: 6 months.
Team Size: 7.
Tools and Technologies: C#.Net 3.5, C#, SQL 2008, Telerik Controls,XML,Webservices, Ajax, ,jQuery,JavaScript.
Description:  Its Web base ERP application
Role in Project: Team Lead, Coding and Sql Server programming

2. S-Tek Engineering

Organization: The Keshri Software Solutions
Client:, USA
Duration: 7 days.
Team Size: 1.
Tools and Technologies: C#.Net 3.5, C#, SQL 2008, Ajax, JavaScript, jQuery.

Description:  It’s a forum where user can create forum, forum’s topic and post on a topic. Google map integrated for contact us

3. iPlayBook

Organization: Nettrackers Software.
Client: CraveItSolutions, USA.
Duration: 6 months.
Team Size: 1.
Tools and Technologies: C#.Net 3.5, C#, SQL 2008,MS Chart Ajax, jQuery, Webservices, JavaScript.
Description:  Basically it’s a sport organizers site from where a Player can join a team, plan a game, save his team and his own result for a particular game watch his statics graphically, recommend a coach. A Coach can also do the same as player and a recruiter can hire a player or coach from here.

4. SmartCharts

Organization: Nettrackers Software.
Client: Cron Systems, USA.
Duration: 8 months.
Team Size: 1.
Tools and Technologies: C#.Net 2.0, C#, SQL Server 2005, StockChartX.
Description:  It’s a trading software design for desktop application with real time data feed. After login a user can watch charts for different symbols with different periodicity and chart types. He can add Line, Channel, Gann, Fibonacci, Shapes, Arrows and Text for a particular chart. He can add, edit or delete near about 40 indicators on a chart with different chart areas and he can also sell or buy shares from here. It has lot of functionalities like other software.
5. DubaiDutiFree

Organization: Nettrackers Software.
Client: Dubai DutiFree, Dubai.
Duration: 20 days.
Team Size: 1.
Tools and Technologies: ASP.Net 2.0, C#.Net, SQL-Server 2005, JavaScript.
Description:  It was an asp project we just convert it to in Basically it’s an e-shopping type of project. From here user can buy tickets and get a prize on that tickets number, and user can also get news, events etc related to this site.
Role in Project:  Coding and Sql Server programming

Organization: Nettrackers Software.
Client: Midflight Group, Sweden.
Duration: 60days.
Team Size: 1.
Tools and Technologies: ASP.Net 2.0, C#.Net, SQL-Server 2005, JavaScript.
Description: com is an exciting hybrid between a meeting place for traders for unlisted shares and an online social network or so called community focusing on pre-IPO investments in small businesses and startups. By combining a number of mechanisms from social networks and business oriented communities with the functionality of an exchange and adding a number of financial tools, we create a market place where growing companies can acquire capital, find new partners and keep their shareholders updated and engaged in their daily development.                                                                                                          allows small private investors to work together and take positions in exciting ventures in a whole new way.
Role in Project:  Coding for Community, Forum and their corresponding SqlServer programming

7. Jobsite Portal:
Organization: Infogen Global
Client: Channel One, US.
Duration: 60days.
Team Size: 5.
Tools and Technologies: ASP.Net 2.0, C#.Net, SQL-Server 2005, JavaScript, Ajax.
Description: This site is basically a site for applying job for medical; here a jobseeker can upload his resume by registering this site. An employee can find jobseekers and short listed them through registering this site and for this he must pay for that. There are different types of package for the employee.  The admin can control everything, he has all the power to do like edit, delete (jobseeker, employee, package, about us, contact us, activate/deactivate jobseeker or employee and paid/unpaid employee). The jobseeker or employee can activate his account by simply clicking the link of the mail within seven days which he gets after registering this site. The employee can pay his bill (Package through paypal) he can also change his package any time. The jobseeker and employee can edit his profile and the jobseeker can download the resume or jobseekers profile in word and PDF format respectively.
Role in Project:  Coding on BL, DL, PL and jobseeker part and writing stored procedure for the related

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