Saturday, December 19, 2009

How to save Gtalk conversion into the database in C# ?

In my recent project i work on a module where we need to track the Gtalk conversion into our sql server database and whenever required we have to show the report. basically you can say that its an application for tracking our employee !!!!!!!
Here is the code from where we are connected to the Gtalk ...
This is a sample of my module in future i will submit the whole code here ..

private void btnStart_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
User = txtUsername.Text;
Pwd = txtPassword.Text;
jabberClient1.User = User;
jabberClient1.Server = "";
jabberClient1.Password = Pwd;
jabberClient1.AutoRoster = true;
rm = new RosterManager();
rm.Stream = jabberClient1;
rm.AutoSubscribe = true;
rm.AutoAllow = jabber.client.AutoSubscriptionHanding.AllowAll;
rm.OnRosterBegin += new bedrock.ObjectHandler(rm_OnRosterBegin);
rm.OnRosterEnd += new bedrock.ObjectHandler(rm_OnRosterEnd);
rm.OnRosterItem += new RosterItemHandler(rm_OnRosterItem);
rosterCount = 1;
pm = new PresenceManager();
pm.Stream = jabberClient1;
jabberClient1.OnAuthenticate += new bedrock.ObjectHandler(jabberClient1_OnAuthenticate);


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  1. Please can u provide me the full code of how to store gtalk conservation in our local database