Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How to retrieve value from a cookie in silverlight?

In my previous post I shows how to create cookie in javascript, now i am going to tell you how to retrieve value from a cookie in Silverlight. The code i'm using here is C# because i love this :)

I create a methode which returns the value from a cookie
string IPAddress = GetCookieValueByKey("clientIPAdd");
 This is the methode
 private string GetCookieValueByKey(string keyName)
            string[] cookies = HtmlPage.Document.Cookies.Split(';');
            foreach (string cookie in cookies)
                string[] keyValue = cookie.Split('=');
                if (keyValue.Length == 2)
                    if (keyValue[0].ToString() == key)
                        return keyValue[1];
            return string.empty;

Hope this helps :)

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